Home Stretch

This year has been a momentous one. It was dedicated to rebuilding my business after my apartment building burned down when one of the tenants neglected to put out their cigarette. I lost almost everything in that fire. Thankfully, I had off site redundancies in place so my archives were safe but my photography gear was all but gone. 

After much soul searching and questioning, I completely gave myself over to wedding photography.

It's been a non stop whirlwind of redefining myself as a person as well as my work. I have about five weddings left with the entirety of next week photographing a wedding in Mexico. That means that I would have photographed 57 weddings in 2017, a record for me.

And in a blink of an eye, it's already December.

By far one of the most important lessons that I've learned this year is time management and streamlining my process while preserving quality. Although some aspects of my business have suffered, such as updating my Instagram, I'm pleased to have met such a wide variety of clients. And yes, other sacrifices had to be made but I am glad to have done it for the lessons I've learned.

When stretched, there's only two things that one can do: break or grow. It may be a little presumptuous, like celebrating too early before crossing the finish line, but I'm glad to have grown through this year and I'm excited to apply the lessons to next year!