Contacting Me

If I were to pinpoint a time during the year when wedding season really kicks off, it would probably be this weekend with two weddings on Sunday (that's right, TWO) followed by a wedding or some kind of a shoot pretty much every weekend until December.

This basically means that I'm "unavailable" for three, sometimes four days out of the week. Realizing this, this blog post is meant to get ahead of a very busy schedule and address the issue of getting in touch with me.

My daily routine of replying to emails, texts, voice mails, and social media, is once in the morning and once in the evening. I try very hard to make sure I reply within 24 hours, but of course, it's not always possible.

So I just wanted to clear up and hopefully prevent any frustration that might result from a delayed response. 

First and foremost, the personal connection that I have with my clients is a priority for me. It's something that I frankly obsess over and I try to build my studio around a people centric model. This means that I don't hire anyone to handle any kind of communication. In fact, I don't even have templates for commonly asked questions. Every response that someone receives will be from me directly, one keystroke at a time.

This philosophy keeps me busier than necessary but I relish in the fact that everyone is guaranteed my personal attention to their specific questions and needs. We live in a world of robot voice menus (press one for English, two for Spanish), canned responses from overseas call centers, and worst of all, those annoying links to frequently asked questions that don't actually answer anything.

But my high standard of "customer service" comes at a cost during the weekends. So much so, that sometimes I spend all day on Monday just responding to messages. We're used to getting instant results and responses, but I suppose that this blog post is a quiet plea for everyone who tries to get in touch with me to be patient and to excuse any delays that they may experience.

Thank you!