How much do you charge?
This is probably one of the most popular question on every couple's mind! My average pricing is around $2,000 for a full day wedding. To unpack that a little bit, a Sunday wedding in the dead of winter will probably be priced lower than a Saturday in September. Other considerations that go into my quote would be location, overtime, and holidays. My pricing may also be lower if your wedding date is, say, tomorrow, and I have your date available. I would rather be shooting!

What's included?
This is probably the second most asked question. After this, there's no particular order to the FAQ.

But unfortunately, I don't have a public answer for you on this one! You'll have to get in touch with me and schedule a consultation to hear everything I have to offer! You're probably guaranteed to get a few pictures back, though.

How long have you been a wedding photographer?
As of September, 2019, it will be 12 years!

How many weddings have you photographed?
Over 400 but less than 500. I think. I quit keeping track.

Do you require a deposit?
Yes, although the wording in my agreement is "retainer," as opposed to "deposit." Typically 50% of the total package price is due at the signing of the agreement to officially reserve and book your date, although that varies depending on payment plans.

Do you shoot anything else other than weddings?
Yes! I found that I developed tunnel vision when I only focused on wedding photography so I try to be diverse in my subjects. This strategy allows me to be proficient in all types of photography and helps me to continually hone my skill. If you’re interested in other kinds of photography, I’m always looking for fun and creative projects!

What's your style?
I used to say my style of photography was photojournalism as this is my background. I started out shooting for the University newspaper then went on to the Chicago Sun Times and philanthropic work around the world. I've settled on a style that is a combination of portraiture, photojournalism, and landscape photography. My style is more classical (not to be confused with traditional) rather than new age in my approach to composition, lighting and color. I understand that you'll have these wedding pictures for generations and I don't want my work to be representative of a fad or whatever happens to be trending at the moment. I may make more money if I follow the trends, but hey, I don't want you to look at your photos years down the road and think to yourself, "Oh yea, that filter was on fleek back then," instead of "Wasn't that a great moment? It brings back so many memories." In other words, my goal is to shoot photographs that have a timeless quality.

Do you give direction for posed photos?
Yes and no. I know that most of my clients are not professional models and that it's part of my job to help them look their best. This part is actually a lot easier than you might think. My goal is to reflect the connection between each couple and their unique personalities. The last thing I want is for a couple to look at their wedding pictures decades from now and not recognize themselves because I didn't faithfully capture who they were. 

That being said, I typically like to find a great scene and place the couple in it. I give some direction as we go along but I like to emphasize the couple's interactions to get the most genuine and natural emotions as possible. They're a lot more comfortable that way, too!

What equipment do you shoot with?
Nikon. When I first started, I picked up Nikon because it just felt better in my hand and the controls were more intuitive for me.

Do you carry back up equipment?
Yes! I have at least two camera bodies, a variety of lenses, and multiple flash units. In addition, thanks to the technology in new cameras, every shot I take instantly backs up to a second card. Yipee!

What do you do if it rains on the wedding day?
I like to shoot through it! I actually love the element of rain in photographs, it makes everything so much more dynamic and dramatic. But if we need to shoot inside, I typically use the ceremony or reception venue if no other options are available. I'm pretty familiar with most areas and if not, I usually scout ahead to make sure we're set on locations.

Do you have a studio?
If you look me up online, you may find that I have an address and wonder to yourself if you can come visit my studio. And the answer is, no, you may not. I do have a business address, but like Mufasa to Simba, you must never go there.

I'm just kidding! I'm a 100% location based photographer so my "studio" is a mobile and I do not actually have a premises. The address that you'd find online is actually a UPS mailbox that I use to send and receive mail. But feel free to visit, if you'd like! Ask for Pat, I was his wedding photographer :)

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact me!